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Katsucon Twenty-Sixteen

Katsucon Twenty-Sixteen published on No Comments on Katsucon Twenty-Sixteen

If you don’t already know, I’ll be at Katsucon this weekend, hanging in the Merchant’s Room with my with buddy Mike from Darkstar Studios. We’ll be rocking new posters, comic books, and taking commissions! You’ll be able to find us at Tables O7 and O8. Here’s the map I mentioned in my last post:
2016 KatsuMap
You can find an unedited version of the Dealer’s Room map here. If you’re in town for Katsu, stop on by and check us out! We’ll see you there!


Katsuconventioning published on No Comments on Katsuconventioning

It’s right around the corner! Next week I’ll be heading to Washington, DC for Katsucon 2016. I’ll be featured as a guest alongside my buddy Mike Hall and we’ll be repping Darkstar Studios as well as Fauna Fairest!

You’ll be able to find us at Tables O7 & O8 in the Merchant’s Room along with other cool comics guests. It’s a great venue, with great people, and a great crowd. We’ll be showing off new comic books, new merch, and a brand new Fauna Fairest poster, the first of it’s kind.
[web] Fauna 2016 (16x20)
That’s right, make some space on your wall! Katsucon will be your first chance to grab this beauty, so stop by and see us, we’d love to talk to you! Again, we’ll be at Tables O7 & O8! I’ll probably post a map for it next week!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you there!

Tapastic, Patreon, and Katsucon

Tapastic, Patreon, and Katsucon published on No Comments on Tapastic, Patreon, and Katsucon

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a decent start to your new year. Here’s a blog update!

Over the last couple of weeks I uploaded Fauna Fairest to Tapastic, which is a really neat app for discovering new comics and the like. I was completely blown away by the turnout, too! Fauna has been received extremely well, and it’s had me that much more excited to be working on new content! Thanks so much, everybody on Tapastic!

I’ve also launched a Patreon for readers who are interested in helping the comic grow. You can donate as little as $1 a month, and I’ve included a host of really neat rewards for my patrons, so be sure to check it out!

Oh, and I should mention that Katsucon is coming up next month, and I’ll be there as a Guest along with my buddy Mike from Darkstar Studios. We’ll have new merch, new comic books (including the long awaited Fajita Issue #3), and word is we might be premiering a brand new Fauna Fairest poster there as well. Katsu is easily one of my yearly favorites, and if you’re going, I’d love to catch up with you. I’ll be sharing more details as we get closer to it!

Hopefully there’ll be more convention appearances for Fauna this year, but we’ll see how things go. As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!



Yule published on No Comments on Yule

Season’s greetings, everyone! Hope all of you are enjoying the comic so far. It’s been a lot of fun! I can’t believe we’re already 20 pages into it.

Just thought I’d pop in today with a quick update, and let you know that Fauna will be taking a brief Christmas break for all of next week. The updates will resume again on December 29th, so be sure to keep stopping by!

Thanks as always for all of your support, and have yourselves a Happy Christmas!


Accessories published on No Comments on Accessories

Happy Thursday! I’ve officially started up the archive on the Chapters page, so now it’s really easy to track the latest comics, especially if you’ve missed any. I’ve also posted a bunch of different-sized wallpapers featuring Fennela to the Extras page. So feel free to check those out too! If none of the wallpaper sizes there work for you, just leave a comment below or give me a shout at, and I’ll see if I can whip up something with more specific dimensions. Thanks for reading! See you next time <3


Pumpkins published on No Comments on Pumpkins

It’s been a very busy and exciting week!
I’m really looking forward to where things are going with the comic. Lots of great vibes from everyone!
I just wanted to stop in and wish you all a Happy Halloween this weekend. Stay safe and have a great time with lots of candy and such! And thanks again for being part of a great launch for Fauna Fairest!

halloween_2015 (web)

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