Bestiary : Preenpup 

“The Preenpup is a smallish catlike creature found throughout Fennela’s domain. Seemingly born from the magic of the forest itself, the nimble Preenpup makes its home among the branches of the great red trees, most often on the lookout for jewels, coins and other small, glinting objects. It has been speculated by some that the Preenpup eats these objects, since it does not stockpile them, and appears to have an aversion to all other types of food. The Preenpup uses the plume of fur at the end of its tail to defend itself against predators. When waved about, the plume dusts the foe with a glittering powder that renders them temporarily docile.”

Bestiary : Budling 

“One of the smaller creatures making its home in Fennela’s domain is the curious Budling. The Budling spends its mysterious life living quietly hidden in the various patches of undergrowth found throughout the great forests. It’s natural disguise allows it to appear as a mere flower to unaware passersby. If, however, the Budling feels threatened, it will jet itself into the air to avoid danger, and gently spin in the wind as it glides away to safety. The Budling’s diet appears to consist purely of nectar from the flowers it hides amongst.”

Bestiary : Beakraw 

“Still another curious creature that may be found amidst Fennela’s sea of trees, the flightless Beakraw is a peaceable, observant creature known for the bizarre sound it makes when communicating with others like it. Some have noted that there may exist as many as 139 slight variations of its distinct call. These variations seem to suggest the Beakraw maintains a degree of rudimentary social order while in a flock. Its diet consists of fresh leaves from only the tallest of trees, which it quickly scales by using the sharp, pointed ends of its legs.”

Bestiary : Trap Box

“Also known as a ‘Mimic’, the Trap Box is the product of deeply ancient gnomish magic. Genuine Trap Boxes, made from the mythic Marrowbark, may still be found wandering the realm, but they are no longer made. The Trap Box guards the items placed within it, and will only allow access to their rightful owner. Its large tongue tastes the items it contains to gain a better sense of the owner’s unique aura. It has often been said that the Trap Box will help itself to a few of the items as an occasional snack. There is even a certain version of an old gnomish song that tells the story of how a war between two vying families was prolonged when a peace treaty disappeared after being placed in a Trap Box for safekeeping.”

Bestiary : Pointkin

“Pointkin is one of the Ruffian's oldest friends. Despite his excitable nature, he appears to be rather sluggish and quiet. He is very proud of his tie.” 

Bestiary : Ripsilia

“Ripsilia is a young, one-eyed creature from the woods that loves flowers and pretty fabrics. Her makeshift dress was a gift from the Ruffian. Most days she is too shy to speak, even to her friends.”

Bestiary : Antliri

“Antliri is the single most outgoing forest dweller. She doesn't seem to feel fear, which has put her in danger on multiple occassions. She absolutely adores the Ruffian.”


Bestiary : Bolumits

“Always calm and unassuming, Bolumits provides a quiet but consistent voice of reason among the Ruffian's friends. She often tucks herself into a ball to sleep, her mittens granting her extra warmth.”


Bestiary : Bloomlhyn

“Bloomlhyn is an inquisitive critter that loves gliding on the forest breeze. She often blurts out the first thing she thinks of, and does so quite loudly. Her tiny pink bow was a gift from the Ruffian.”


Bestiary : Blotchbeak

“Blotchbeak fancies himself as the resident grump of the Ruffian Wilds. He is deeply self-conscious about the spot on his beak, and uses a scarf to cover it. He will bite if provoked.”


Bestiary : Slike

“This sensitive, sensible, slithering Serpentine hails from a vast subterranean labyrinth known as the 'Deep Ways'. She found Fennela's Trap Box while burrowing, and had hoped to sell it. But when the box escaped, she was forcibly recruited into chasing it.”